Monday, February 16, 2009

Holes In The Wall

Yesterday Ian and I tried unsuccessfully to hang the canvas I got him for Valentine's Day. It's printed with the lyrics to one of our favorite songs...


We decided to hang it above our bed because I had it made to match our linens - chocolate brown and aqua blue. After tediously trying to make it center on the wall, I tried to put a nail in. It stopped about halfway. At first I thought that I had just hit a stud so I just swung the hammer harder. All it did was bent the nail. So I tried another spot... and another... and we soon ended up with our wall looking like this...

Needless to say, we were pretty confused. We tried a less obvious spot behind a nightstand and got the same result. At this point it hit me. Our apartment is next door to the stairwell... I wasn't hitting metal... I was hitting concrete! We tried another spot in the front guest bathroom. It shares the same wall as the bedroom and we ran into concrete again! I think the solution is just to get smaller nails but it was pretty disappointing not being able to hang this up.

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