Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh What A Day

So, I'm working from home right now because my US auto insurance ran out. To sum up a very long story... I've been going through the process of trying to get an Ontario driver's license for 4 weeks. The California DMV has been sending me the wrong form... or not sending anything at all. I have spent hours on the phone to them. Sometimes yelling, sometimes crying but never really getting anywhere. My insurance ran out on Tuesday so I've been forced to stay home. This is mildly okay because I don't have any meetings and my boss is very understanding. The DMV has said over and over again that they will be sending the correct form but it never shows up. It's kind of funny because I talk to the same guy everytime... he always says oh I'll call you back... or you call me back, etc. When I do, I have to start the whole story over again! Finally they said send us a FedEx envelope and we will send it back to you. I did and guess what happened? It promptly got routed to the wrong department! The current solution is for them to send it out regular mail and if they ever get the FedEx envelope they would send it out again. Yeah, the California DMV is just AWESOME.

And just to make my week even more special... Ian and I walk out to the parking garage today to find my driver's side window smashed. I just about hyperventilated when I saw it. GPS gone. Ipod gone. Possible checkbook gone. Things could be worse. But what gets me is... there was a Lexus SUV parked next to me... a BMW behind me... and yet they decided to break into my car. I'm trying to keep optimistic but what the hell... I just want things to be easy for a bit.

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