Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wedding Plans: Langdon Hall Visit {Update}

Today was our first visit to Langdon Hall. I can only say that Ian and I fell head over heels in love with the place. It is beyond perfect for our wedding. We will be booking it this week. I'm SO excited. This will be a really long post because I can't post just a few.

This is the sign leading into the lane up to Langdon Hall.

Under and alongside the lane ran a small creek that was fed from a large pond next to the property.

This is the front of Langdon Hall as Ian and I were walking up to it in the rain. I love my golf umbrella.

Now to the good stuff... This the room where the ceremony will take place. It is the "Private Conservatory to the Red Room". The windows look out onto the front lawn which is kept pristine in the winter time. They limit the traffic coming up to the front and I assume they take care of any black snow that might arise. It is going to be so beautiful.

This is the Red Room where we will hold the lunch following pictures and the ceremony. It has a fireplace and 2 large windows looking out on the front grounds as well.

These are some shots of the grounds behind the main building. Just gorgeous... especially after the rain.

I call this the Secret Garden door. If we can get to it... I think it would be a nice photo op.

This is the front lawn. Hopefully covered in snow for our wedding!

Tons of pretty flowers all over the grounds but they most likely will be covered in snow in January.

We're pretty happy about our location selection.


Shannon said...

WOW. Stunning! I wish they had places like this in TO! (lol).

I cant wait for the big day! I know you'll look georgeous, and i'm SOOOOOO looking forward to seeing your progress.

Summer said...

I LOVE IT! Good choice! Alex and I still don't have a date yet, but he's living in Utah now, so I'm as happy as a clam!