Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Wedding: Planning Update

The wedding planning continues of course. Lots of little details getting set in place. We are lucky that we are having a small wedding and are able to make the details very special. I would *LOVE* to share the details on here but since most of the people who read this are attending... no can do. =P Thankfully I have a couple people I know that aren't attending so I can discuss my brainwaves with them. I wasn't sure how involved with wedding planning Ian would be... But he has jumped into it as much as a guy can~ Thankfully he gets the concept and feel that we are going for and I think it will turn out nicely.

When I started planning in the beginning of the year I thought I was way ahead of myself... but now with about 7 months left... I'm really glad I started early. I'm finding more of the things I truly want because I'm taking my time with it. Etsy has been the most wonderful resource for me. Any idea that pops into my head I'm sure I can find the exact item or similar on Etsy. I will try to post the Save the Dates as soon as everyone has received theirs. Maybe even get my photographer Amanda to take a couple nice pictures of what she receives. =) The person who created our Save the Dates came from Etsy and brought to life exactly what I had thought up. Can't wait to send them out!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like your wedding is going to be perfect!!!!

Gosh I cant wait to see pic's, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!