Saturday, June 20, 2009

Point Me To The Nearest Fault Line

I have an irrational fear of of earthquakes. Multiple times over the past year or so... I wake up thinking there is an earthquake. The first time that it happened I jumped out of bed, screamed at the top of my lungs for Ian to get to the doorway and was absolutely convinced it was an earthquake. There wasn't one of course... Ever since then... I jerk awake when the bed shakes a lot (Ian). I'm convinced in my head that the building is shaking and that we're going to die. Thankfully for Ian I've stopped jumping out of bed and screaming. My heart practically bursts because it's beating so fast and it takes awhile to calm down. And yes, I know that I live in Canada and not in California... and yes, I know that the nearest fault line is probably in Alberta... But my brain doesn't seem to care. So unless I duct tape Ian to the bed to keep him from moving, how do I stop jerking awake multiple times a week?


Amanda Rae said...

You should get a Temperpedic can put a glass of wine on the bed and jump and it won't fall over. As far as your fear of earthquakes I recommend therapy. You're in Canada silly.

Anonymous said...

OH wow! I think you need your own bed! LoL. :p