Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Want Little Sox On My Hat

Ian and I went to our first Boston Red Sox game this afternoon. Unfortunately they lost but it was a lot of fun. Perfect weather... the dome was open and just a little bit of sun peaking through the clouds.

In preparation for the game we got matching Red Sox hats... Ian used to have one but it's probably too big on him now. They didn't have an adjustable version of the hat that has 2 little red socks on it. Boo.

Side view of Rogers Center...

I really should have taken more pictures of the field but we were just so excited to be there I forgot... This is Varitek and Ellsbury warming up.

One of my favorite Red Sox players - Jacoby Ellsbury up to bat.

This is us waiting in the car for more than an hour to get out of the parking garage. The smiles are a lie.

And yes... I'm mildly stupid.


Emily said...

I love the video! That is funny, it happens!

Shannon said...

LOL Britt I <3 you. Tooo funny.