Monday, July 27, 2009

Ian Wants A Lego House

We have started watching a show on BBC called Top Gear. It's British. It's hilarious. It's awesome. I've never laughed so hard... and the fact that it's a car show is what makes it even crazier. The last episode we watched they wanted to experience vans. Usually they are reviewing really expensive sports cars (mostly obscure European brands...) so them driving junky passenger vans was pretty funny. At one point they had to change out the driver's side door of each of their cars (random). One of the hosts ended up duct taping their door on.

Anyway, Ian found out today that one of the hosts is going to build a full size house out of Legos. I'm going to start taping that show... James May's Toy Stories. It's too awesome to pass up.

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