Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Cheese Moved Slightly To The Left

It wasn't AS bad as I thought it was going to be. He's definitely doing it just to boost his "numbers" and his perceived status. I could easily stay in the same state I'm currently in and do the job he wants me to do. However, it does give me an opportunity to pursue a flexibility program. This means that instead of working from home on an ad-hoc basis, I will have a more permanent schedule working from home and the office. Probably 2 days in and 3 days home. It just seems more logical than me spending x number of hours on the highway when I spend most of my time in the office looking at my computer screen. The flip side to this is now I am a part of the "management team". I have to go to all of their decision (and I expect non-decision) meetings... I will have a say in some of the stuff that goes on. For now, I'm just really nervous about dealing with this guy. He makes me so nervous. I know how dangerous he can be. If he doesn't like you... he can make your life hell. But I must note something here... everyone he's ever had a problem with since he came to Canada has been a woman. One of them quit, one of them is probably going to quit, and the rest try to fly under radar. He doesn't like it if you're too outspoken, if you're you contradict him, or if you in any way seem more intelligent than him. Sad thing is HR knows this and are "monitoring the situation". Well, I will also "monitor the situation" as he hijacks my job and micro-manages me. I'm a sad panda.


Amanda Rae said...

so i must have just read the "gets to work from home regularly" part, because that sounds like amazing news. like, my dream come true type of news!

Megan said...

Keep your head up - Karma is a bitch, he won't be able to continue on forever! Just keep doing what you do best and it will shine thru his BS. And I'm with Amanda.. working from home?!!? Lucky duck - and then you won't have to see this mystery person's icky face.

Shannon said...

Eek. We'll I agree with Megan, Karma is a bitch. :) What a great thing- to work from home!!