Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Frustrated

Today I went to Cambridge Memorial Hospital to have lung function tests. I did a whole series of breathing and holding my breath... I had an audible wheeze when I had to push out my breath. At the end, the technician asked me when the last time I took my blue inhaler. I told her it was last night. She said well I don't know why you are on it. Your levels are normal. I said are you saying that I don't have asthma and she said well I don't hear anything (Note: She didn't listen to my lungs with a stethoscope). The test isn't designed to rule out asthma but after I gave you the shots of ventolin there should have been a noticeable jump in your levels. There wasn't.

Uhm... okay??? So you're saying that the issue I've dealt with for most of my life is gone. GREAT! Just one problem... I wheeze daily, I sometimes wake up and need my inhaler in order to breathe deeply. When I took Advair last year, it was the best my lungs ever felt. But I couldn't continue taking it because it gave me severe anxiety. If I don't have asthma than what do I have? After asking her this and her retreating on her diagnosis of non-asthma, she said there is another test that can be done. I inhale a histamine and see what my reaction is. GREAT. Love it. Look forward to it.

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Shannon said...

Wow. Dont know what else to say. I'm embarassed for that dr.