Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Night In Sports

Last night was really good in sports...

Brady's back and Patriots win - The first half was pretty messy... to be honest most of the game was messy. But towards the end they switched to a mostly passing offense and went on to score 12 points in 76 seconds. Only in the second half did he look like the real Tom Brady... dropping back and confidently firing to his Wide Receivers and Tight End. This game was especially important because I have a very Patriots-heavy fantasy football team. I lost by 8 points only because the other team had frickin' Drew Brees. Everyone is awesome when they are playing the Lions.

Chargers beat the Raiders - Another important game because of fantasy football. Ian has Rivers and I have LT. Plus I don't like the Raiders.

Lincecum returned from injury and got a win - He's one of my favorite pitchers because of his style. He had been out because of, what one article called, a "balky back". They beat the Rockies last night 9-1.

Federer gets knocked out of the US Open - Plain and simple... I just don't like the guy. He was beat by someone I've never heard of which is even better.

I think that's it. I shouldn't have stayed up as late as Ian and I did... I honestly tried to go to bed... but I heard Ian screaming and slapping the coffee table so I had to see what was going on (Patriots had just recovered a Bills fumble with 2 minutes left and 5 points down). Thankfully we have concrete walls and our neighbors don't hear us. There was lots of screaming when Brady connected with Watson for the final touchdown. Hopefully tonight will be a peaceful night and we will get to bed on time.

Update: Son of a... I just looked on the Red Sox website to see if there was a game tonight. Dice-K is returning from injury and will be pitching against the Angels. Damnit!

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