Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Of Rest

This is a must. I've been feeling sick for 2 weeks. On Wednesday, I started to feel worse. I went back to the doctor today and found out that my lungs are heading towards pneumonia. It hurts to breathe... I'm just plain old sick. They've put me on a strong antibiotic called clarithromycin. Fun fact: this drug can cause false positives on urine tests for cocaine. Awesome.

So... all in all I'm feeling pretty crappy. I asked the doctor why this keeps happening... how can I prevent it being this bad... Basically, the answer is - avoid getting a cold at all costs. Great. I'll get right on that. I really just want to enjoy my first fall here. The weather has turned a bit chilly. Leaves are floating around... trees are changing color... they have pumpkins for sale at the grocery store. I love it.

Ian and I are going to take it easy this weekend. Football should be good on Sunday... Seattle vs. Chicago - New England vs. Atlanta.

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