Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Once I got my head straight yesterday I needed to get a handle on all of the stuff I still have left to do. Here's a short list... mainly for my use but feel free to read it.

  • Ian's suit
  • Ian's shoes - probably some custom Vans with matching ones for Coop
  • Meet with Officiant
  • Get Dress altered
  • A few more details for the table

I think that's it. We meet with the Langdon Hall coordinators in December to go over the menu and the last few details. It's coming up quick!

I'm still not settled on my bouquet. I have discussed it with the florist and I like what he came up with. His idea was to take the pale pink roses that I wanted and combine them with hypercium - little green berry-looking things. Kind of like this picture:

But that seems very spring-like to me. He thinks it will add to the winter aspect. I don't know. All I know is... I wish I was brave enough (with a bigger budget) to have a fabric bouquet.

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