Friday, October 30, 2009

Nerd Rage

I know I'm a little late in the game in hating on Office 2007. At work we use 2003 but that will soon change. At home, it's installed but I haven't used it much. Lately, I've been using it a lot. Prepare. for. some. nerd. rage.

I realize that Microsoft tried to reinvent the wheel. That they are supposedly "preparing for touch screens" so that's why they have implemented ridiculously huge buttons at the top of the screen. They lovingly refer to it as "the ribbon". I like to refer to it as "the thing that is going to confuse everyone at work and make my life hell". Tonight I tried to use "the ribbon" and I got the following problem pop up.

Before I dive into, let it be known that there might very well be an explanation for this error. But it sure as hell ain't logical! I am creating something for the wedding... and it needed to be in landscape format. So... I used "the ribbon" and clicked on the "Page Layout" tab and then on "Orientation". I proceeded to select Landscape and as you can see by the orange-ness of Landscape it IS selected. The page flipped inside the little window... and I thought everything was gravy.

It WAS all gravy until I decided to print and got this...

Hmm... not exactly what I was going for. I clicked on Page Setup (like you would in the old/good version) and saw the following.

Yeah, I know, right? That makes TOTAL sense. It is completely logical that the "ribbon" button wouldn't talk to the same setting in another window. I mean, when I clicked on the Orientation button and selected Landscape... I was just kidding. I didn't mean it. I really wanted my page to read "HAN" instead of "THANK". That'll do little crap software, that'll do.

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