Friday, October 9, 2009

Version 2.7 Of Me Comes Out Tuesday

I'm doing better than I was. Still fighting a bit of a cold and cough but much better overall. I'm happy to go back to work on Tuesday. Why not on Monday? Canada likes to be different and have their Thanksgiving in October. I know... craziness! Ian is all happy though that his mom has to make 2 turkey dinners in order to "celebrate my heritage". Haha.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of our engagement and on Tuesday version 2.7 of me comes out. I'm excited. Lots of upgrades are coming with this edition. Some bug fixes. I've successfully installed the Canadian Anti-Virus and in a few months, I'll undergo a name change.

Enough geek talk. The weather is gorgeous outside today. Very cloudy and rainy. I've set up an appointment to go cake tasting in a few weeks. (And I was just told something unofficially and off the record... my new work contract is a go!) Oh, glorious rainy weekend... YAY!

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