Friday, November 13, 2009

In Loving Memory

My mom called me this evening and let me know they had to put Scottie down. She was the most adorable kitty... flat-ish face.. enormous eyes.. softest fur... so loving. The thing I remember most about her is that when I would go to sleep I always flip my long hair up on the pillow. She would come and lay down on my hair and kneed a nest in it. I used to try to stop her but she kept doing it and would purr a bit so I let her continue. When I got a good scratching session going with her, she would stretch out her neck as I scratched her chin and close her eyes in ecstasy. She was so good to only lay on the towel I laid on this huge bed I had. She would kneed the towel and cause little pulls of thread all over it. I still have it. It moved with me. :(

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Megan said...

awww she is just precious... I had a cat that always slept on her very own pillow next to mine. After she passed away my dad bought me a stuffed animal the same colors as her to put on the pillow.. lol.. nothing can compare though. I'm glad you have such fond memories!