Sunday, November 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance, eh Canada?

This is what I really wanted to post before. There are many things about So You Think You Can Dance Canada that I both love and hate. Dislikes - The judges tend to be more sugar coated than the US version (except when Mia Michaels is on to kick some ass). Don't even get me started on the slimey frenchman Mr. Jean-Marc Généreux. *VOMIT* The audience stands and is made up mainly 12 year olds dressed above their age. Because the audience stands, when they pan to the choreographer, he or she is standing off in some random corner. Likes - They don't pussyfoot around when it comes to eliminations. They get right down to it. Prior to the Top 10, elimination shows are only 30 minutes - just long enough to kick the losers to the curb and kiss the people you didn't even like goodbye. The Canadian version also doesn't bring in random dance acts that you don't care about. There is not a lot of fluff.

Anyway, this season was really good. Unfortunately the people on Youtube like to post really long pointless videos of the different dances... so I've only found one video of a dance that I love. It is done by Everett, who is from the city I live in, and Tara-Jean, the eventual winner of SYTYCD Canada. If you have time... I suggest you search for more videos on Youtube and look through them. The good dances are all done by Everett, TJ, Jayme Rae, Vincent (the only male ballroom dancer I've ever liked), Melanie and Cody. One more thing about Everett. He is a tapper. He would blow the 3 that are currently on the US version out of the water. He taps on point. He's not like the US 3 that look down at their feet, do a bunch of boring tapping and then look up to see the audience's reaction. This US season is going to be painful until those 3 are eliminated. Not mention Mia Michaels not being on it.

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