Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Bummer

Ian tried to warn me. I half listened to him. I was really, really looking forward to have a "real" Christmas. The first real Christmas for us. Real meaning the whole shebang - decorations... a Christmas tree... etc. Unfortunately as Ian predicted, our building does not allow live Christmas trees. Very sad. I will NEVER buy a fake tree so don't even suggest that option. A tree is what makes it a real Christmas. The lights, the smell, the ornaments... I had my heart set on having the full holiday experience. I still love that Ian and I will be together in our own place for it. But I wish we could have the whole thing. We're trying to breathe life into this $4.00 Cedar plant I got a few weeks ago. It's not doing so good because of the cold... but it could serve as Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for us. It makes me miss my mom's house.

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Megan said...

Oh just sneak one in!!! You could get like a 3 footer and put it in a box and bring the box in!