Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet Hannelore

She is my favorite character in a webcomic we read called Questionable Content. I like her mainly because she is me. I worry. A lot. If you bet $1 that the moment you're reading this I'm concerned about my heart rate or the wedding or the first time it's going to snow or the price of shipping to the states or the odd pain in my shoulder or the amount of time until x event or my asthma or Ian's tooth or ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN HAPPEN IN LIFE... you would be $1 richer. I even worry about the fact that I'm worrying (YES, I'm very aware of how stupid I am being). I don't want this to slip into full on anxiety. I can still sleep at night... for the most part. I feel overwhelmed and yet pissed off that I'm overwhelmed. I'm loving everything that I'm putting into the wedding. I think I just need a break from work that doesn't involve travel or anything. The few times this year that I took vacation I've had to drive or fly somewhere. Thankfully I'll have that time off around Christmas for a week or more... the best part being that everyone else is off as well. I have seemed to develop a bit of driving anxiety. Like clockwork on the way home, I hit the stretch of road between Guelph Line and home and suddenly I can't breathe. I'm checking in with my lungs to make sure everything is functioning properly (YES, still aware of how stupid I am being). As I would say to other people, I need to build a bridge and get over it. Anyway, Hannelore is still awesome even though she is crazy like me.

**For the record: Everyone should be worried about clowns. They are the enemy afterall.

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