Monday, December 7, 2009

You Just Have To Laugh

Ian and I got into bed last night at 10:00pm. He turns to me and goes "So, do you know what the status of your work permit is"? I told him that they are behind in processing... I'm here on an implied status... I probably won't hear from them until January... He said "Oh god... we may not be able to go on our honeymoon". Yeah, that's right, at 10:00pm on a Sunday night Ian drops that bombshell on me. Sadly, he is pretty much correct. If I don't get my paperwork before our honeymoon I may not be able to re-enter the country. At this point... it's really out of my hands. I am definitely not postponing my honeymoon because of this. I will try to be prepared as possible - bring a copy of our marriage certificate, my work contract, a copy of my application, a copy of the implied status, etc. I just can't handle any more stress. You kind of have to laugh about it. Best case they send me through. Best worst case they pull us aside and question us more in depth before sending us through. Worst case... I don't know... they force me to go to California and wait for the paperwork? Not completely the end of the world.

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