Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slowly Getting There...

I'm slowly getting geared up for the wedding. I haven't had any drive to work on it... but Erik would be upset at me if I didn't make the wedding everything I want it to be. The last few days I've been making dinner reservations and planning out the things I need to do. I've added a button to this site for where we are registered. The post wedding announcements won't list the registry information but it will have this site address on it. Friday I get my dress back and get to see the jacket the seamstress created for me. That's pretty darn exciting. My hair trial went well and I think I picked the style that is elegant but still "me". It's also nice to get your makeup done by someone who gets what you are going for... natural but enough to show up in pictures. We'll see!

On another note... the weather needs to cooperate. We are getting a few flurries here and there but I need one big storm to come through. Preferably not the day of... but I will take anything at this point! What is it with weddings... I thought - Canada - January - we will definitely get some snow...... Boo! It should at least be a little overcast which is good for picture taking. I'm crossing my fingers... still 2 weeks out.

This gave me a laugh today... a little nerdy Harry Potter joke.

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Shannon said...

I am getting sooooo excited for you!!!! 4 more days and you'll be a new woman!!
Congrats again Brit and ENJOY your day- snow or not!