Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Wedding

I woke Ian up at 5:30 this morning to tell him that Amanda had posted our pictures. Surprisingly he was just as excited as I was!!

I'll start off by saying that our wedding was absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't change anything aside from having Erik there. My wedding photographer was {Amanda Bordonaro}. She made both Ian and I very comfortable. Not to mention, she took beautiful pictures and really helped add to our day. She posted the following pictures on her website linked above. More to follow I'm sure!

This is our ring pillow (fake rings in it so Cooper didn't fling the real ones away). The snowflake is the comb I wore in my hair.

My mom recently found this handkerchief... It belonged to my grandmother on my mom's side. My grandfather was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. We guess that at some point my grandparents went back to visit and she got this as a souvenir. I carried it along with my bouquet. The folder is what I used as my "wedding planning book". It has all of the receipts and pictures in it.

Getting mascara put on by someone else is torture for me.

My first reaction to seeing my reflection in a mirror following the hair and makeup was to think "OMG I have beehive hair!". My goal was not to look like a complete stranger to Ian and I think I pulled that off. Just a little more makeup and bigger hair than usual!

Bless my mom and sister. They had one heck of a time trying to tie up my dress.

The hotel was beautiful... Amanda was able to get a lot of amazing shots of the hotel which you can see on her website.

Ian's tie is a reference to a comic that we have framed on our wall - XKCD. Cooper, Ian and I all wore Vans. Another goal of ours was to make it more about us than a traditional wedding. Ian hates dress shoes and the vintage heels I was going to wear didn't work out. In the end, we were both really comfortable.

I *LOVE* this picture of Ian. People said prior to the wedding he looked nervous. He said he was more worried about our officiant showing up on time. But when I took his hand at the "altar" it was shaking. So was mine. :)

Our centerpieces, which doubled as accent pieces during the ceremony, were mason jars etched with parts of our vows.

As my photographer said, Cooper stole the show. We are more than happy with that! Honestly, he was the best ringbearer. He was so relaxed and calm... He held the ring pillow by a string and walked down the aisle. He was dressed in a suit for a VERY long time. I think Ian got fussy about being dressed up before he did! I can't wait to get more pictures of him. My sister did his hair just like Ian's - in a bit of a faux hawk. So adorable.

The ceremony was held in a conservatory (this word makes me think of "Clue") just off of the reception room. It was very pretty, especially looking out onto the snow covered grounds.

In Canada, it is customary to sign the wedding license during the ceremony or very shortly after with 2 witnesses. We signed and then my mom and Ian's dad signed.

We kept hoping for more snow but I think we have decided in the end that it was better it didn't. The hotel grounds were covered just enough to make it feel really wintery. But it wasn't so deep that we could easily walk through the orchard and explore a bit.

We put together mini suitcase favors. I had to include rubber duckies in it!

Our cake was both delicious and cute!

Our guests enjoyed little mini cakes with our cake toppers recreated in sugar on them.

All in all it was a wonderful wedding. More pictures to come. Check out Amanda's site for additional pictures from this batch -

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