Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And.... We're Back!

Wow.... it feels weird to be writing this. It has been SO long. The last time I posted was February 14th! So where have I been? Good question. Ian and I made (yes, Ian helped too, I couldn't have done it with out his glorious paper cutting skills) our wedding announcements. They referenced pictures on this website, so I had to stop posting until they went out. I didn't want people to have to search to find the post. Anyway, following the wedding Ian and I went on a woooooonderful honeymoon in Seattle, Washington. It was everything we wanted it to be. I'm going to post a collection of honeymoon pictures later... but here is a picture of us on the ferry boat coming back from Bainbridge Island.

For the month of February I attended a prep course to become a PMP - Project Management Professional. Yes, it's just as riveting as it sounds. The whole month of March was spent doing one of 3 things - working, studying or planning my sister's surprise 30th birthday party. The party went off without a hitch! It was a Mad Scientist themed party in honor of my sister's science background. I didn't want to do something plain! Here are some pictures...

My mom in the car playing with the balloons - it was hilarious!

I made the banner... yeah... I got all crafty and stuff.

The Toe of Frog was delicious...and of course I can't be involved in planning a party without having some kind of rubber ducky!

Yes, those are beaker cups with eyeballs in the bottom...

And the moment of surprise... Thankfully she did not go into labor.

All in all it turned out great... It was a very quick trip, but I got to see my mom and visit with Kamber and family... of course, Mr. Awesome was there - COOPER! Can't get enough of that Coop Scoop. We get to see him again in about a month or so. My sister is due the first week of May with another boy. Yay - Coop 2.0! Speaking of the Coop... I haven't had the time to give a proper Coop Scoop Update. Here is one.... his parents are putting him to work!

I mean ACTUALLY putting him to work! He "assisted" them in moving a mattress. I love the pointed toe...

After the many... many hours I spent studying... I took and passed an exam to become a PMP. What does this mean? Well I get to write name like this now - Brittany Matheson, PMP. Sounds pretty cool right? I know! It basically means I'm a little more proficient in the ways of Project Management. What's funny is that you study so much... and you just want to get it over with and have the certification.. but it's actually helped me do my job better. At the very least it's helped me realize where trains go off their tracks. We should have done *insert Project Management process* or we wouldn't have had *insert various negative result that seems to happen daily at work*. I'm so happy I did it... but the saying is that it is NEVER the right time to bite the bullet and take the exam.. and it really never is. I'm glad I didn't wait longer... Now I can enjoy not having ANYTHING to do. No studying, no crafting... nothing I *HAVE* to do... well aside from applying to become a permanent resident of Canada... but that can wait a little bit.

So, what's next? A deep spring cleaning of the house... it's been neglected since the wedding. Plan our next trip out to California and the one to Virginia after the baby is born (we might take a train!). Other than that... hope you like the owls!

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Megan said...

Yay!! Finally! An update! LOL not like you've been busy or anything. I can't believe how much you've had going on! I totally forgot to tell you that we got your announcement and it was SO CUTE!!! I loved all the personal touches so much.

Glad you are back and can take a load off for a while Ms. PMP!