Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Newly Built Plant...

I don't appreciate you. I don't appreciate the fact that some "switch" has been flipped and you've been turned on. I seriously want to know what your engineers were thinking when they put the pipes that spew smoke so close to the ground. Did they not take into account the freeway that is right next to you? That the volumes of smoke you are now issuing would drift over the freeway instead of straight up in the air? Are you on fire? If so, when do you anticipate the fire going out? I honestly doubt you are. I think your engineers/architects were just that dumb. Why do I care that the people who built you were so dumb? Because. For the last few days since your "switch" has been flipped... you have made traffic on said freeway slow to a standstill. People can't help but watch you spew huge plumes of smoke that almost cover you entirely... or drift over the freeway obscuring cars ahead of them.

But what do I know? Maybe it's the wind's fault. Maybe this is just a temporary deal. Either way, my horrible drive gets worse. Below is a picture of the plant (not a very good one...). It makes the smoke look a lot smaller than it really is... When you get up close to it, it covers almost half of the plant itself. Yesterday the smoke was just white and this morning it's more of a gray color. And yes, I know that I turned into one of the looky loos by taking this picture... but we were completely stopped for a couple minutes. I called Ian to express my anger. Although he didn't sound like it, I'm sure he appreciated my ranting at 6:45am. Anyway, building a bridge and getting over it. Until tomorrow.

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