Monday, April 5, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud

On Saturday, Ian and I decided to swing by this new housing development that I had heard about called Doon Creek. We aren't planning on buying house until 2012 or so... But it doesn't hurt to look. As we were leaving Ian's parent's house there was a rainbow in the distance. When we turned in the direction of the housing development we could see the rainbow end to end, which was pretty cool. The funny part was that, I kid you not, the rainbow ended right on the location of the development. Pretty crazy.

We followed the signs and eventually found ourselves in a newer housing track. We passed a nice looking public school and then turned onto a rough gravely road. Imagine my surprise when I see that the housing development is still piles of dirt! I thought when the signs and website said that they were open February 2010 meant the houses were finished building but not even close. Apparently, just the development office is open, not even the model homes. We drove around a bit and found another rough road to take. There was forest all around (part of which is protected and will be left in place) and a ton of frogs. It turns out the roads we were on are going to be turned into hiking trails and were just set up for construction to start.

As we were leaving the area, we passed by an open field and in the middle of it were 2 deer! Seriously, it was like a production crew was following us... "Queue the rainbow! ... Turn on the frogs! ... Send out the deer!" It could not have looked more perfect.

Back to reality... can we afford to live in a place like that? Right now? Probably not, we'd be scrapping by and not able to do as much as we do now. In 2 years or when the development is finished? Yeah... maybe. If we save our pennies and budget for it... it is possible. Anyway, I can dream.

Here is the rough map of the area. Tilt Drive is the road that will be turned into a hiking trail. The Protected Forest and Stauffer Drive (will also be turned into a hiking trail) is where we heard the chorus of frogs. At the end of the word drive in Robert Ferrie Drive is where we saw the deer. Above the sign for HWY 401 is the direction we currently live. It would add about 20 minutes to my commute. Oh, and they are making a pond where the blue color is.

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