Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom Is THE Best

No, really, THE best. She has no idea how great of a mom she really is.

I think it goes back to the old saying "The proof is in the pudding". The evidence of how great she is lies in the 2 girls that she has raised. Kamber grew up, went to college, paid her own way through it, got married and is now raising 2 gorgeous kids. I'm sure, in part, that she is raising them with the guidance of our mom. And Cooper is turning out to be a really well behaved, happy child (again... minus the almost terrible twos and the addition of a new baby brother!). I think it also speaks to how much strength my sister has that she can raise her kids away from my mom... Right now I can't even picture having children without my mom being a car ride away. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

In regards to me, not to toot my own horn (lol), but I have done pretty good for myself. I didn't go college (some....) but I started working instead and have worked my way up slowly through different positions. I never would have imagined that I could transfer within a great company to another location... get an even better job... and continue to progress as much as I have. I am now married, planning on buying a new house, and trying to focus on what matters - love, family and happiness. My mom raised me the "right way". I never would have done the things that I have done in the last few years... if my mom hadn't made me brave enough. I can do anything that makes me happy that I want to do.

As a family, we have gone through a lot together. Our family is small but that doesn't make the love any less. My dream would be to have all of us on the same coast one day. In the meantime, lots of plane trips and car rides! I wish I could be there for my mom more than I actually am. She deserves that. I don't know what the future holds for any of us. I wish that I could call her up on Mother's Day and shout "Breakfast???" like I did so many times at way too early in the morning. I miss her like crazy.

Mom, I love you... thank you for everything! I can't wait to see you in July!!


Anonymous said...

Love you too Britt. Thank you for everything, and you are there for me more than you know.

Megan said...

Such a cute tribute to your mom. I love the love you so clearly have for her!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Shannon said...

Awwwww that is so sweet Brit!