Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Quest For Sweet Vinegar

I miss sushi. I really miss Cho Cho San. I want a cucumber roll and a cup of sweet vinegar. That would make so happy! Tonight I decided to begin my quest for sweet vinegar. I've looked everywhere - for years - to find a bottle of "sweet vinegar". This is what the servers at Cho Cho San referred to it as. Not soy sauce... not ponzu... "sweet vinegar". Prior to moving to Canada, I must have thrown away half a dozen bottles of various vinegars that I wasn't going to finish. Nothing compared!

Today I had the epiphany... call Cho Cho San and ask! Duh! I basically said I had visited the restaurant on business.. I'm from Canada... I can't find anything like it up here... etc. What did they say? Well... at least it solves a big mystery - they make it in house. :(

I guess that's a better answer than... none of your business or... it's just called "sweet vinegar". I've done some searching and found a recipe for sushi sweet vinegar. Rice Vinegar just made it onto my grocery list for tomorrow!

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Shannon said...

Wow, I would have never thought something like sweet vinegar would have this effect on anyone. I guess it really shows that you dont know what you miss till it's gone.