Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

So happy it is Friday... It's been a long couple of weeks because Ian has been working so much. I've been doing lots of house cleaning and organizing. This weekend I think I am going to work on Cooper's Birthday Banner. (And play Starcraft II but shhh... don't tell Ian... I originally bought the game for him!) Today I went through my camera's SD card and pulled off our honeymoon pictures. I still need to organize them and throw them up on Shutterfly but I did grab the videos.

I love otters. They just make me smile. I took this at the Seattle Aquarium.

The double rub action is awesome. Very talented.

As I say in the video, this was taken in front of our hotel on one of our last days. We had just walked down the waterfront to a Starbucks (of course!) and were heading back to the hotel for dinner. I miss Seattle! I think it's a special place for both Ian and I. So pretty. So our type of place. *sigh*

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