Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Love You Thursday

Why? Because you're awesome. You're after Wednesday. You're closer to Saturday than Tuesday (going forward of course). You are the last day I am in the office this week... Plus, there is stuff to do the next couple of days. Ian is getting off "early" on Friday so we can go to dinner. It is our 6 month anniversary. Normally we probably wouldn't acknowledge this one... but it's an excuse to go out to sushi. Also, it's been a bit of a stressful 6 months.

Ever since I moved to Canada my life has been ruled by paperwork. It all comes down to paperwork. I *hate* paperwork. I didn't before I moved here. It seems every process I've had to go through has had issues. My permanent residency is proving to be just as difficult as anything else if not more so. I look forward to when I am not dealing with paperwork that is so important! It's stressful and because I am a worry wart I make it worse.

Anyway, on Saturday we have a barbecue held by our builder. I am making Ian take a lunch break from work to go. I'll take anything we can get from them... and it might yield more information about the development. The best part is that we get to meet our future neighbors, Alicia, Alex and Ella. Yay!

Speaking of the barbecue, I am sad to say that Ian's playoff beard will be no more as of Saturday. His plans were thwarted by the fact that he doesn't want to look homeless. It's pretty funny because it's coming in bright red but patchy. He has quarter-sized spot next to his chin that is completely smooth. It was also hard for me to sneak progress photos. But I am still holding out hope that he starts to grow it out again after Saturday. =]

Post Zumba Report: Very sore. It was a lot of fun and a good workout. But combined with the previous day's soreness... I am super stiff today.

Lastly, here is our latest shot of the dirt. Riveting.


Anonymous said...

Hahah, I'll have to show you Alex's beard one day, it wasn't for playoffs, he was just too lazy to shave :S.

Shannon said...

That's pretty awesome that you get to meet your neighbors (and know who they are) before you move in!

I love Thursday the most. As you said... your on your way to Friday & the weekend! :)

Zumba is addicting!!!!!! I love it!!!! Its really good exerceise too!!!

And Geesh! Lets get this paperwork over and done with. Should I send a note to Canada for you telling them to hurry there arse up!?


Enjoy the BBQ!