Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Design Appointment

Yesterday, Ian and I raced down to Stoney Creek to our design center appointment. It was the structural and exterior decisions that we had to make. The designer was very helpful in guiding us where to use our dollars... She only gave us the salesman pitch on one item and that was worth $670 (damn you TV niche!!). It was nice to see some items automatically included. Example: if you buy granite for the kitchen, the price of the under-mounted sink is already included.

The one thing that really hit home with me is just how big the house is going to be. I really can't picture it... But I asked the designer to tell us how big the vanity is in the Master Bath. When she said 6.5 feet... I almost fell out of my chair. I'm not that great with numbers... or visualizing it... On the layout, I had guessed maybe 3.5, maybe 4ft. Coming from living in an apartment... that's HUGE.

Also, if you tell me something in inches... it's almost in one ear and out the other. We reconfigured our master bath to have a 60"x32" glass shower. It doesn't mean much to me. But they referred us to a new model home that just opened down the street from the design center. It had a newly built shower, hence the duct tape. I stood in it and it's so big!

Overall, I'm really excited about the house again. We got to see just how nice it's going to be. I think it's a true reflection of the hard work Ian and I put in to be able to afford a place like this. It helps ease the frustration that I've shouldered to move countries. I can't wait for our next appointment in September to pick the fun stuff like tile and granite colors! Here is the latest picture of our dirt. Still dirty.

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