Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out Of My Hands

I feel so relieved. The FBI finally got back to me with my criminal record - ALL CLEAR. It was just the final piece I needed. Now it is 100% out of my hands. All I have to do is sit back and wait. I also submitted my temporary work permit renewal today. My life is ruled by paperwork since moving to Canada. All I have left to do is wait for permanent residency to come through, get a permanent SIN, a permanent Health Card, and then I'm done! Any other paperwork I may have to do will be normal stuff... mortgage paperwork, etc.

This whole thing has been like a cloud hanging over my head... I'm fine with playing the waiting game... but not when it has an effect over something else. This issue combined with Ian's long hours, work drama, and general summer-related malaise has taken it's toll. We need a vacation! At least a trip down to my 2 adorable nephews will help.

This is me - both relieved and tired.

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Shannon said...

.... Now on to the last step! Let's get this girl official!!!