Friday, August 27, 2010

Uncle Onion Has Scurvy

[Not really. Against his wishes, I made him go back on Vitamin C.]

It's been a long few weeks. Actually, since the month is almost over, it's been a long August. Ian's work hours... filling my time with cleaning and prepping for Cooper's Pirate Party... work drama... making house-related decisions. Top it all off with heat and humidity. Meh. Not impressed with the month of August.

Ian's work hours. They seem to be easing slightly. A couple of days ago he got off around 6:30pm. That's really good! All I can say is I am thrilled he isn't working weekends.

Cleaning and Pirate Party Prep. I have stopped cleaning so much. Only went through one vacuum. The house is a little more tidy than normal. Today I need to go home and clean but it's nothing major. As far as the Pirate Party Prep. I am done! I shipped everything down to my sister except some ribbon and envelopes I can carry with me. It is going to be a great party I think...

Work Drama. The issue was really when I thought things were great. I got back the position that I wanted... everyone seemed happy... I was happy. But then it turned out everything wasn't okay. I had one of the worst week's I've ever had here. I kept thinking about the job I used to have and how much I loved it. Then on Monday I got the greatest news. News I had been waiting to hear since last summer. All I can say is, the cloud has lifted. I am positive the tides will turn and everything will be good again.

House-related Decisions. I know that from the outside it would seem that making these decisions is fun and easy. It is fun. Some are easy. Most are pretty hard though. When you tie in the fact that you are working with a budget, some the options cannot easily be changed, and that you have to compromise with your husband who thinks that if a hallway is tile that means the whole first floor will seem like tile....................................... It's hard. =] I'm looking forward to knowing that we don't have any more decisions to make. The house just needs to be built!

But August is almost over! Today is Friday. I have a half day due to summer hours (my last one!). I am going to head home and clean house. Wait for Ian to get off work. Tomorrow we are going to the dirt to meet up with our future neighbor Alicia. Then down to the Losani design center to look at all of our choices. I think our strategy is going to be to chip away at all of the decisions we have to make... just knowing how many options there are is a bit overwhelming. Ian and I fly out next Friday to Virginia. Gonna get our pirate on! Then we get to wait until the end of the month for our final design appointment.

I am so excited to see my nephews next weekend!!!! Max is out of the EHN I'M A NEWBORN stage and into the gooey baby stage. Lots of drool. Maybe some smiles thrown in. And then there's Captain Cooper. He is turning 2. 2 I say!!! Going potty and everything. Damn kid needs to slow down. Stop growing up so fast! But I can't wait to go! G-Ma, Aunt B and Uncle Onion are coming!

The Bang Lowdown: I am still on the fence. It's odd. But it hasn't bothered me much. I just can't decide if they look good. It is nice to do my hair the lazy way - put Curl Keeper in when it's wet, dry my bangs and leave the house.

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Anonymous said...

I think the bangs looks awesome! And you have no idea how jealous I am that you can throw in some product and leave the house. The only way I can do that, is dry the bangs and put in a pony tail which doesn't really look all that nice.

I want a perm, but not an 80's one.. like some waves but I don't think that's possible! ha.

PS - Is Ian dubbed uncle Onion because of a pronounciation? That's super flippin' cute.