Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coop Scoop - Pirate Party Particulars

I had such a fun time in Virginia this past weekend! The day Ian and I arrived the weather was AWFUL. Humid. Hot. Gross. The day of the party was cool, a bit breezy, and sunny. (No bugs - woot!) Absolutely gorgeous weather. I like to think that Erik had a part in it! It really felt like fall almost - my favorite season... We couldn't have asked for anything better!

When I plan parties like this, the whole two I've done, I never really know how it's going to turn out. But as kids started to arrive I thought it would be good. Then I saw my sister surrounded by kids digging into the treasure pit! Some of my ideas turned out to be really good... Best of all - my sister scored a castle playset. It was the highlight I'm sure! There was a plank to walk, a photo prop to pose as a pirate, a pirate ship cake and some pirate tunes playing in the background. I think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids! I look forward to the next birthday party I can plan... probably for Max's 2nd or Cooper's 4th birthday. All I need is a theme and I can run with it! [As long as there is a rubber ducky that fits the theme~]

It was great to see my mom and the rest of the family. We're still ironing out plans... but I'm sure we will get together soon! Below is set of photos from the party - Arrrrr enjoy matey!

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Megan said...

OMG this turned out so cute! Don't be offended if I steal some of these ideas down the road :)