Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Mommy Taught Me Well

This morning (1:00am if you can call that morning)... a fire alarm went off at the hotel I am staying at. I vaulted out of bed... threw on some clothes... and headed to the stairwell. I was up on the 11th floor and started going down in the freezing cold. I met one other person who was going down but that was about it. At about the 3rd floor we met a woman who was asking something about doors further UP the stairwell. We told her they were open but that there was a fire alarm. She replied that yes, she did know there was a fire alarm but she wanted to get to the 35th floor and the elevators weren't working... WHAT??? I'm sorry... but my mommy told me better safe than sorry... a.k.a. better safe than be really stupid. Yes, I climbed down 11+ flights of stairs and walked out of the exit door onto a random Toronto sidewalk in the middle of January. But still... if it had been real... if there really was a reason for the fire alarm... wouldn't you rather be outside in 25 degree Fahrenheit weather???

I'm so tired it hurts and I'm still trying to settle down... but I have the hope that my future children would do the same thing. Better safe than sorry.

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