Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Shack Update

I've been taking pictures of The Shack but not much is happening in the front. They have finished the brick on the left side and around back. They've also delivered the shingles to the roof.

Here is the first set of brick they finished. The window on the bottom is the office and the top two are laundry room and guest bedroom. I really like the black and red mix of the brick.

I haven't shown our street in a long time. This is the view looking down the street... the awesome red brick house is our friends, Alicia and Alex. They got to move and make me super jealous!

This is the house next to us. They've been working pretty hard on this one... I'm surprised how many guys are there each day. I love that we are on a corner though... we only have the one real neighbor.


Alicia said...

Dude, I drive by your house every day and I didn't even notice the brick lmao!! Apparently I don't pay much attention!

Kamber said...

OOh I can't wait to see the finished project!