Saturday, February 12, 2011

Half Wall Love

We walked through our ENTIRE house today. This means we ventured [bravely] into the basement. I was very surprised to see that the basement floor was in and the furnaced was installed. That was pretty crazy to see. The basement is H.U.G.E. It's one thing to see it on a drawing and another in person. I am sure once we have lived in the house and filled the basement with drywall and furniture it will seem small... but right now it's gigantic. I'm also very happy that we installed the big window for the future bedroom. It will make me feel loads safer.

The other surprise was that they have installed the columns to the half wall and done the framing for it. I am in *love* with it. It is much better than I was imagining. We extended it to be able to fit our couch and it didn't mess with the walkways. I believe the peninsula will be towards the middle of the half wall... so if you're sitting at the breakfast bar, the TV would be visible. It's a really good layout.


Kamber said...

It looks nice Britt! We can't wait to visit and spend the night when you get all settled.

Shannon said...

I totally see it coming together... I remember the layout very well since it was a prior blog debate for us to look at!