Monday, February 7, 2011

Latest Shack Shot

The progress on the house has been slow but steady. Siding is complete on all but one side. Still need to get brick on the right and front side of the house... for whatever reason it's come to a standstill. We do know that the electrical, plumbing and heating systems are in. The last time we walked through the electrical was almost finished... we were mainly guessing but it looked like some outlets still needed to go in - possibly telephone, cable or internet. Some of the switches for the speaker system were in. It did look like they were pretty generous (or just to code) with plugs in every room. The small guest bedroom upstairs had 5 outlets. Seeing the tons of switches made the house seem huge for whatever reason. I bet my electrician in the sky is looking over their work and smiting them when necessary. Well, less than 6 months to go... Ian and I actually started talking about the time we would take off for the move. C.r.a.z.y.


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that you are being watched over by that Electrician above.....

Alicia said...

Every 4 ft you'll have an outlet. Other random wires sticking out of the walls will eventually get a face plate, and that's your security rough-in.

In your main living area, there'll be a switch for exhaust fans, near the thermostat!

Unless you asked for more, you'll get 1 GFI switch in each bathroom, and none in the stairwell. lol ;)