Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars & Valentine's Day

I'll make this one quick... The Academy Awards seem to be like Valentine's Day. It's become popular to voice your disdain of the awards show. It's the cool thing to criticize anyone who might watch the show. Journalists, bloggers, political cartoonists... anyone with an opinion, freely paints the people who watch the Oscars as "celebrity obsessed". How about they just want a laugh? I thought the auto tune of Harry Potter was pretty damn funny. Honestly, if you really hate it that much - as the Oatmeal would say - shut the hell up and treat it like any other TV show... CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Then again... that's just my opinion~

Post-Post Note: After reading this again, I must say that we do have a bit of a celebrity obsessed culture. The popularity of celebrity reality shows prove that... But in this case, I am specifically talking about the Academy Awards. Personally, I watch TV - a few reality shows, mostly sitcoms these days... and I rarely go to the theater to see movies. I watch the show for a few reasons one of them being that I get to see the content of the movies that have been made in the past year. I really want to see God of Love because of the short clip and Luke Matheny's acceptance speech. It also reminded me that I still haven't seen the latest Harry Potter film [for shame, I know!!]. Anyway, I stand by my point.

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