Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The House Video

It's been a horrible day. Neither Ian or I needed to actually be in the office... but we set out for work anyway. It took us 3 very long hours to get to Mississauga. I was not a happy camper. When I arrived it was still snowing and most people did not come in because of the weather. I left 15 minutes early at the end of the day... only to spend most of the extra time cleaning off my car. See below.

It took about an hour and a half to get home... but it was a lot more treacherous. We decided since we were getting home late to head to The House. The drive up there wasn't too bad and since it was past 5:00pm almost all of the construction workers were gone. Lucky for us... the house was unlocked. =D

Here is the video of the first floor with all of its new shiny stuff! [And no, when I step into the office and dining room I am NOT walking on bubble wrap!]

Here is the view from the end of the peninsula.

And towards the back of the kitchen...

Looking at the fridge...

And towards the dinette at the sink... still some stuff left to do of course... a couple cabinet doors, the end of the peninsula, etc.

Needless to say... we are really happy with the progress!

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Shannon said...

Your home is gorgeous!! I want to come visit!!!

PS LOVE the stain on the rails!