Friday, March 11, 2011

Lost Spark

I've had a bad week. Plain and simple. It's been a bad week. I thought it was looking up... until I woke up this morning. After taking one look outside I knew my drive would be bad. Heavy wet snow was falling... it had rained before that and so there was a layer of ice under the slush. About halfway to work I decided to turn around. It was getting scary. I couldn't see anything and was concentrating so hard on keeping the car on the road that I missed my exit. I moved over to the slow lane and the back end of the car became squirrelly. Very scary. It was panic attacking inducing and all I wanted was to just get home without ending up in the ditch.

But I'm feeling a bit better. I'm listening to one of my favorite bands - Mumford & Sons. It's perking me up a bit. I'm linking a live video of them playing. They are one of those bands that sound better live than on their albums. I think that's a mark of a good band.

I was told this week that I've lost my spark. Maybe I have... I don't know. ... I don't think so. Maybe. Maybe I'll find it again.

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