Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Is Here

I don't know why... but I'm really happy it's March 1st. Maybe because we are under the 5 month mark... February went by in a hurry!

We are in a holding pattern for the house right now. We still need to sign our last amendment but our builder is having issues getting our drawings from AutoCad. Go Figure. You can tell that there is a lot going on inside the house though. Yesterday, a bunch of people were leaving as I drove up. We walked through it last Friday and got to see the 2nd floor with drywall. They looked pretty much finished with drywall and taping. Next steps seem to be flooring... which will probably be a sad day because they usually lock you out at that step. Our only way to see in will be through the back windows. *sad face* Here is the latest photo - only 2 exterior items left [aside from landscaping, driveway, warm temperature activities...] the front porch column needs to be installed and the front eaves on the first floor.

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