Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Peek At The House

We got another sneak peek at the house - we're very lucky... The kitchen has had some more work done. Unfortunately they installed the wrong color of granite. Actually they installed almost the complete opposite of what we wanted. Thankfully our builder is awesome and will be fixing it right away. The current granite has cream and brown colors in it. The correct color is called Black Pearl. Anyway, the crown moulding on the cabinets was installed... and other missing pieces. I think it looks amazing.

The upstairs is looking good too. Here is a shot of the tub and sink of the ensuite.

The main bath only has one major issue left to fix. The whole toilet/vent issue is still pending. Otherwise I think it looks pretty good. Ian gets all the credit for designing this bathroom...

We'll visit the house again tomorrow but more than likely the house will be locked again. For whatever reason, they have removed the protective sheeting on the back windows... so looking in the back won't be a problem anymore. But that's a bit different than taking a stroll through it. 110 days left!! And only 2 more days until we go to Virginia to see the Outlaw [see below].

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