Monday, May 23, 2011

Brittany Proof

A follow up to the Phone Debacle post. I received the phone on Friday. I had it one whole night and I was absolutely terrified of it. Not only do I lose things... I also break things. I had my Canadian 3g phone for about week before the screen was shattered. Holding the iPhone 4... I could just feel the potential for broken screens and tears. I carried it around like a delicate egg as I roamed the apartment. I knew I had to get a case for it.

We headed to Best Buy and there were some cute ones... blue... green.. teal... I almost went for one that matched my new glasses. But none of them said "You can throw me under a bus, drop me off a building, and set me on fire - your phone will still look brand new". And if they didn't say that... they sure as heck didn't say "Brittany-Proof". Then I came across... Roots Tuff Skin. Stamped right on the front "4FT. DROP-TEST PASSED/REUSSIT ESSAI D'IMPACT 4PI". I threw in the French part to make the French Speakers feel special. Anyway... it's exactly what I wanted. As I said to Ian, I feel like I can throw it out the car window and it would survive. He politely asked me not to. =]

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