Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Future Shopping

On Saturday, Ian and I did a bunch of shopping for the future. We didn't purchase anything yet... but picked out some essential pieces for the house. We have a formal dining room and a set to go in it... But nothing to go in the dinette. After the 3rd store, we were pretty shocked we hadn't found any candidates. At least candidates that were reasonable! At the fourth store, we were pleasantly surprised to find pieces in our style.

We need a dinette table, chairs and barstools. Fortunately, the store offered furniture from a company that will customize all of the pieces for us. Let me know what you think! The fabric is the same in both pictures... but comes off blue in one and green in another.


Anonymous said...

I like it, especially the bar stools

Megan said...

Custom made house... custom made furniture... getting used to it eh?! I like it!