Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Trails: Jacob's Landing Trail

We chose another trail out of the book to explore last weekend and struck out again I think... Jacob's Landing Trail is in what is considered "Old Hespeler" and has a ton of charm.

The one problem... it seems a good portion of this trail has been turned into private property. The red arrow is the point that we shouldn't have crossed. We went a little further along the railroad tracks. It was still a gorgeous walk around Mill Pond.

Lots of birds on the lake too... including a white swan!

The trail starts with a dam next to an old saw mill. The river is super shallow but I was still surprised to see how close you could get to the water's edge.

It was really disappointing that the trail was so short... about 1 kilometer was cut off. I would still come back for the walk though.

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Unknown said...

Wow, it is beautiful though. Thanks for the scenic photos of Canada. And LOVE the hiking! When I visit you we're going hiking!