Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Nerdy Cook

On Saturdays, Ian and I decide on the menu for the week and go shopping on Sunday. Because of this, we are always on the lookout for new recipes to keep it interesting. This has led to a pile up of recipes. I tried different ways to organize them... It got harder to keep it all neat and up to date. Last Friday, I googled for a Recipe Manager in Excel. I got a template and went from there.

It's very easy to use. I just enter each recipe into a table, give it a type (Asian, Mexican, BBQ, etc) and all the instructions. Then I used pivot tables to get the list pictured above. The best part... I can pick a recipe from this drop down:

...and it auto-formats the recipe into a nice printout. It's so simple that it will be easy to keep up. Nerds + Cooks = Awesome


Anonymous said...

Very nice Britt, now how do you share it? ;)

Alicia said...

yeah< send the download link! haha ;)