Friday, May 20, 2011

Phone Debacle

I will be the first to admit... I lose things. I'm absent-minded. I've got a lot going on in my head; half of which is totally unnecessary. I'm sure Ian would argue more than half. A good portion of my brain is probably just singing some song lyrics. Honestly, I wake up singing to myself. This morning it was this song:

This week has been a little rough. Ian's plane from Vegas was delayed an hour and a half. We got home really late and my sleep schedule is all off. On Monday, I heard that a good friend/work colleague of mine is ill. She will be fine I'm sure... but my worrywart brain is distracted by this. Around noon on Monday, I went to the kitchen at work and came back to find my whiteboard knocked down from the wall. It was very odd... about 20 minutes later I realized that my phone was missing. I'm definitely not someone who jumps to the conclusion that someone stole it. I've looked EVERYWHERE. I have turned my desk, my bags, my car, my house upside down. The cleaning lady at work even looked through the trash. I went to all the places I would have had it and called it. My phone is just... gone.

I finally gave up hope. I called Rogers (horrible telephone company) and they said because I was eligible for an upgrade, I could just upgrade my lost phone and buy a new SIM card. I started to try and find an iPhone in my area. Short Summary of the Next Events: Local stores refused to sell their IN STOCK phones to me because I was an upgrade and not a new customer. One Rogers phone rep said they could do that, another said they couldn't. They were going to order me a phone but it could take up to six weeks. I took to Twitter to voice my frustration. Did help any? Probably not... Did it make me feel a bit better? Absolutely. Shortly after that I got an email that my phone was shipped and should be delivered by the end of today. It's frustrating.

Anyway, it's been both good and bad to be a bit disconnected. I'm looking forward to my new phone though.

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