Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stone Gone Awry

Short story: We had extra budget and decided to get a built-in unit in the living room. It was going to look great! Then the vent guys installed a vent in the corner - a.k.a. the entertainment center was going to look off-center. The solution was to shorten it and build a (insert correct word for vertical bulkhead here) on the other side. The builder suggested we put stone around the outside because it would hide the bulkheads. We've been waiting for the stone to go in... and all of a sudden it was.

QUICKLY GLANCE AT THE PICTURE. If you focus too long... you start to see all the bad parts. Our designer got it... "when it is fixed, it's going to look smashing!" We couldn't agree more - the idea behind it is perfect for the room. But oh... so many things are wrong with it. At the last minute, we decided to put the stone on top of the unit. The designer and I thought that would get around the awkward bulkhead on the other wall. It appears that wasn't communicated to the stone trades. [No, they're not just not finished. The house is being cleaned for carpet to come in and the boxes of stone were gone.] Also, the "illusion" wasn't fulfilled. The illusion was that the wall is made out of stone and the unit is set back in the stone. You get that illusion by having the stone wrap around the drywall, completely covering it. As you can see below, that didn't happen. It just looks like stone stuck on the wall - even I could do that! [Maybe]. Thankfully, our builder is all over it and will be fixing it as soon as possible.


Shannon said...

Wow, it looks AMAZING! O.M.G. WTG Canada, you know how to do houses!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to have them remove that light fixture. Your electrician in the sky would be having fits. :)