Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Made It, Eh?

It's official! I am now an American, who is a permanent resident legally living in Canada sponsored by my Canadian spouse who's obligation, financially speaking, ends in 3 years! Confusing, eh? (Look at that... eh's slipping in left and right!) Let me explain in simple terms what this means:

  • I am no longer under the "temporary work permit" category.
  • As such, I can work any place I want.
  • Permanent Residency, aside from the card itself, does not expire.
  • I can get a normal SIN number (social insurance number).
  • I have full rights minus voting~
  • I will always have health insurance regardless of my job status (*cough*wakeupAmerica*cough*)

It is a huge weight off of my shoulders. One less thing for me to worry about. I can now go and get my SIN, wait for my actual Permanent Residency card, and finish switching to my married name. This makes me very happy!

1 comment :

Alicia said...

WAHOOO!!!!! :) Are there any more steps!? Will you ever be able to vote??