Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where I Stand

I haven't blagged since last Wednesday. It feels like a lifetime ago... My days are filled with talking to people.. contractors.. sales people.. about fixing issues.. and scheduling appointments.. and planning.. always... always planning. Such is life when you buy a house.

My head is FULL. The first 3 days in the house are almost back to back with appointments - AC install, Appliance delivery and installation, Cable/Internet/Phone setup, etc. As much as I am organized... I still worry (honestly, who would I be if I didn't worry so much?). I feel like I'm going to miss something and I probably will. That drives me crazy!

We had our kitchen walk-through on Saturday. We weren't expecting it but apparently our builder now completes a walk-through of the kitchen once it's finished. Of course, we had been through the kitchen many, many times before. But it was nice to walk through it with a builder rep. We knew of the little issues (spice drawer missing, pullout shelves misplaced, etc). It becomes more real every day... we will OWN a building! Crazy. Here is the latest shot of the house... complete with sidewalk!

Immigration Update! After receiving a notice that Ian was approved to be my sponsor, I got a letter stating that I was approved. It is pending an interview in Kitchener but the ball is rolling very quickly. The implications it has on the house will probably not change. We've planned for the purchase to go through without my permanent residency for so long... it will be smart to move forward as is. At the very least, the pressure is off our shoulders. We also got the green light from the mortgage company. Now we just need to play the waiting game.

*rolls dice*

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