Saturday, July 16, 2011

Canadian Adventure: Day 2

One of the first things we did the next day (Canada Day!) was go to the Algonquin Park Visitor's Center. Later on in the trip I got some shots of the view up there... but we walked through the museum exhibit and posed with some animals... Also, I have no explanation as to why Moose get sexy.

After the visitor's center, we went back to camp for lunch and then headed to the Algonquin Logging Museum.

We watched a short film regarding logging in Algonquin Park, which was surprisingly interesting (it helps that I love documentaries). The conditions people worked in were crazy... not to mention the method of removing the logs - by river. After the film ended, the screen rolled up and was open to the outside. This began the Algonquin Logging Museum Trail (Rated: EASY).

Following the Logging Museum Trail, we drove around a bit looking at different campsites. We headed up to Lake Opeongo and visited the store there. The best part... on the way back, we saw a beaver! It was so cool. The beaver had walked across the road and was chewing on some branches. Once it had them, it walked back across and into the lake. SO AWESOME. Here is the best shot! He was a lot bigger than I was expecting... and totally unconcerned with his audience.

On the way back to camp, we stopped by the Spruce Bog Trail (Rated: EASY).

This one was difficult for me because every time I would stop, I would get COVERED in bugs. Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, Bees, you name it. If it was an insect, it liked me. Because of this, I couldn't really stop and enjoy the trail with everyone else. Ian's family quickly discovered that I can't handle bugs... especially ones that bite or buzz your ears. /shudder

And that's all for Day 2!

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